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Parent Volunteers

Following are description of the volunteer positions required at swim meets:

Age Group Coordinator

Supervises the waiting area for a particular age group during meets, keeps track of swimmers - as best as they reasonably can - between events, and assist the coaches in getting swimmers to the ready bench on time with caps and goggles. This position is obviously more important for the younger swimmers, and the Age Group Coordinators for the youngest ages (6 & under and 7-8) are especially critical to the timely start of the meet. This job keeps you with your swimmer during the whole meet.


Announces first, second and final calls for each event. Works closely with the starter to keep the meet running smoothly. Makes required announcements as needed through out the meet.  Assigned to work one half of home meets.


Receives the results of each individual event heat and awards each swimmer with a ribbon based on their finish. 

Gator Gear

Assist with the setup and selling of Gator merchandise during meets. Assigned to work for one half of the meet.


Provide water to other volunteers unable to leave their post (stroke judges, timers, etc.)  They also ensure scribes and stroke judges have forms and pencils.  Monitors bathrooms (toilet paper) and replaces full trash bags. 


Capture the memorable moments during the meets and events and upload the photos to the team facebook page.


Responsible for obtaining the completed event cards from scribes and deliver to the scoring table. This job keeps you moving around at the poolside and the time passes quickly.


Scorekeepers tally & record results of races.  With this job, you see the race results before anyone else. 

  • Computer Entry - Responsible for entering data from time cards and verifying data entered.
  • Sorter - Sorts time sheets from runner, separating by team and age/event. Passes slips to recorder.
  • Recorder - Compares event time sheets to find finishing place of swimmers.

Responsible for ensuring swimmers and timers are ready, starts the race, determines when a race needs to halt and restart, and informs timers when a stroke judge deems a swimmer disqualified. Training is required for this position

Stroke Judge

Stroke judge monitors swimmers to ensure each stroke is being performed correctly, including turns and finishes. They also monitor for false starts on relays. Training is required for this position. 

Additional Stroke Judges are needed during relays to monitor exchanges of swimmers.  Relay Stroke Judges are assigned for an entire meet, but work only the relays at the beginning and end of the meet.


Records the swimmer’s time. Each timer is provided a stopwatch and assigned a lane; there are three timers for each lane and one scribe/back-up timer . All three times are recorded and the middle time becomes the official time. This job gives you the best view of the pool and the swimmers during their races.


Scribes record information about each race on a sheet, which is taken to the scoring table by the runner.  They act as a back-up timer if a mistake is made by one of the other three timers.

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