Welcome 2024 Gators

Welcome to the 2024 Gators swim season!

I'm thrilled to begin our season tomorrow with the first day of practice. I wanted to send out a few things before we begin our season.

- I'm a teacher with many years of coaching experience, so I'm all about the development of your child - in the water and out. We want to improve on swimming, be excellent teammates, and be helpful to our team and community. We will learn proper technique and build stamina. 

- All swimmers should be ready to go at their time of practice (see the website if you are uncertain of times). I highly encourage swim caps, especially for longer hair. It's hard to teach proper technique with a mouthful of hair. Goggles are highly encouraged as well. If you aren't sure of swim cap or goggle brands and styles, I can help. Speedo, TYR, and Arena are your top swim brands, so I would definitely start there. www.swimoutlet.com is a great resource.

- We will do lots of kicking, especially at the beginning of the season. 

- Please know that parents are imperative to the success of the swimmers and the team. We need you to support your swimmer and the team. All you need to tell your child about swimming is encouraging and positive words. Please let us do the coaching. We will help them to be their best and the improvements will be amazing! Please do not talk to your swimmer during practice. If you are coaching them, it becomes very confusing for your child. We are all a team (swimmer, parent, coach) working together. If you need to talk to a coach, please wait until we are not coaching. You can email me anytime. 

Your support is needed for the team too, so please volunteer! A swim meet runs on volunteers. That means YOU are valuable! 

- I will encourage all swimmers to compete in meets. Please contact me with questions on this. Winning is not the sole purpose of competing. Sports are amazing and huge for life lessons. 

Thanks for your time!

Reach out with questions. Can't wait to get to know you and your swimmers.

Mary Bridget Maddan

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