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We understand that with summer travel plans it is often impossible to make every swim meet.  To accurately track which swimmers will be available for meets, parents are required to log-in online and indicate whether your child will be attending each upcoming meet.  This is called “Meet Entry”. 

While designating your swimmer’s attendance for the meet you can also optionally sign-up for volunteer shifts.  You will be required to sign-up for at least three volunteer shifts this season.  A reminder with the deadline to check-in will be sent each week. 

Meet Entry is very easy and should take just a few minutes.  Below are the steps:

  1. LOGIN   
    Member login is located at the top of the webpage.  When you registered online, your email address became your log-in for the website.  You should have received an email confirmation asking you to setup a password for the account.  If you have any problems logging in, click here to reset the password using the email address you entered during registration.  If you continue to have problems, please send an email to [email protected].
    WHERE IS IT ON THE WEBSITE? There are three ways to get to the meet check-in page:
    1. HOMEPAGE.  On the right side of the homepage you’ll find a section called “Upcoming Events”.  Simply click on the meet name (or click on “View All”) and you’ll be taken to the list of events where you can Check-In.  
    2.  MENU.  Mouseover “Meet & Results” on the main navigation menu (shown below), and click “Meet Check-in” from the dropdown list. 
    3. MEETS & RESULTS PAGE.  Or, If you click on Meets & Results (instead of mousing over it), you will find a link to  Meet Check-in at the top of the page (as shown below):
    Below is a sample of the Meet Check-In page.  It will list all of the team's swim meets for the season.  For each meet there is a Volunteers and Attendees column.  These columns will have status graphics indicating whether sign-up is Open, Pending or Closed.  When the status is Open, you are able to indicate if your swimmer(s) will be at the meet (click on Swim Sign-up) and/or sign-up for a volunteer shift (click on Job Sign-up).

    Indicate whether your swimmer’s will be at the meet in three easy steps:
    1. After clicking on Swim Sign-up you’ll see this “plea for help” message occasionally.  Under this yellow box you’ll find “Your family swim meet status”.  Click on “Edit Entries” to indicate whether or not your child(ren) will be attending the meet.  If you’ve already selected your status for this meet, you can change your status by clicking “Edit Entries” as well.

    2. Select your attendance.  The most common selection will be the first selection (Attending and available for all relays) or the last (Will not be attending).  After making a selection from the drop-down, click Save Entries.

    3. Confirmation of your selection is provided.  You’ll be prompted again for sign-up for a volunteer shift if you haven’t already.  For details on signing up for shifts, click here.


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